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Tips for Hiring a Custom Drill Writer


Find someone you like!! Spend time looking and talking to your candidates before you make a final choice. Merely hiring someone because they are the ‘big name’ or write drill for the school you really like in your area is not a guarantee you will get the best custom marching band drill for your band.  You need to be able to communicate all your bands strengths as well as the weakness of your marching band with your custom drill writer.  You should be able to talk openly about band instrument placement, ability to do visuals, and your bands time limitations.  

You want to be able to talk about these things not just in general but in specifics and in real time. Be very honest about your expectations with scheduling, billing, and payments before you make your final decision. These key points will most likely be the deal breakers later in the season if things don’t work out so be upfront at the start, it will save you time in the long run.     

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