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Tips For Hiring A Visual Staff


First take a look at your marching band size and limitations, and then assess what is possible. If larger than 120 members and your budget allows for it, you may want to hire visual staff that can work on the field most of the season, help carry out your marching basics program and who are there on a consistent basis. These marching band staff will help with everything from working music and marching basics to simply having an adult figure on the marching field helping to maintain proper rehearsal protocol.

If you are limited by members size, funds or maybe you’re located in a rural area, you can have a staff to help during marching band camps only. These limited time staff will help set up the right fundamentals that can last throughout the whole season. All your full time staff will then need to do is reinforce those fundamentals consistently.

Always do your normal vetting process! Make sure you hire people that come recommended from other marching band directors.  If you’re having a hard time finding quality candidates, start calling your favorite drum corps and ask if any of their members live in your area that you could contact.

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